Saturday, November 27, 2010

Catching Up

I have been scolded my many, for not blogging for some time. Well the stars are aligned, Renee is napping and I have access to the lap top, so yippee, here we go!

First off, Happy Thankgiving to everyone!! We have so much to be thankful for. This past year has been glorious, busy, crazy, hectic, stressful...but glorious all the same. Waking up each morning to the smile that lights up my universe!!
Here are some recent pictures of our sweetie pie, and I will narrate below.

Here Renee is showing Daddy that she knows how to whistle. Forgive the quality of the picture, we have been using our IPhone to take most of the shots lately, and we both have yet learned to master IPhone photography. I had downloaded a really good app, but have a new phone and have yet to download it again.

In this shot, John, Renee and I were heading out east to look at the autumn leaves. Renee has that -are we there yet- look about her!!

Renee has learned that with a stethoscope you listen to the heart, and she will tell you so, as well as say boom, boom, boom!!

Renee celebrated her second birthday a month ago...time really does fly.
I will be back to work a year this January. Wow!!

It is amazing to see how much Renee has grown in the last year. Aside from her height and weight, she is the smartest little girl in the world, least to her mommy and daddy!! lol!!!

She can recognize certain letters of the alphabet, and loves to draw and draw and draw and draw. She says circle, oval, duck, pop, more, eat.....and soooo much more. I was worried at one point that her language skills were lacking, but I can see now, that, that was unwarranted. Her language skills are right on target.

I have also noticed that Renee is not that thrilled with music, but her talents lie in the physical. Her balance and agility is amazing. We started her almost three months ago in gymnastics (15 months to 3 years class) and she amazes us every week. She can now jump on the trampoline as well as walk across a child sized balance beam. She learned how to jump, and jumps all day and on any surface she can find!! I will post a video of her jumping!!

As we are entering into the holiday season, once again, I would like to extend our families best wishes for much happiness, love and peace to you all.


Debbie Sauer said...

She is precious! I love seeing the updates after the babies are home. Blessings.


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